As one who is currently qualifying to become a medical coach herself, I can highly recommend Matty Gieling as an exemplary medical coach. I worked with Matty early on in my internship to help me understand and explore what was holding me back in my own development and learning.

Matty has a lovely calm disposition and she made me feel very safe to open up and express what I was genuinely thinking.  She encouraged me to just be, and breathe, giving me time and space to look deeper inside and explore what I truly felt my heart and gut too, and then to help align all three.

I couldn’t always put my finger on what I wanted to say straight away but Matty was patient, respectful, gently persistent and very empathetic. She was always professionally curious, reflecting back to me what turned up in her as I was talking; asking if there was any truth to this or that.

Using known medical coaching techniques, she helped me move forward quicker in my understanding of what was really going on than if I’d try to work  things out on my own, and offered me fresh perspectives and ways of looking at things for me to ‘reframe’ my professional dilemmas.

We only had three sessions (the requirement) but I learnt something new and positive about myself each time. She helped me to calm down my level of anxiety and this calmness has endured well beyond the sessions themselves. I gained more clarity over how I interpreted my personal situation; what I wanted going forward and how to make that happen.  I am now once more feeling excited and determined to join her and the medical coaching community as a fully-qualified colleague, supporting people to live their best lives whatever life throws at them.

– Kim H. (Masters level coach)

“Matty is an insightful coach who would bring you closer to yourself and your full potential. You will greatly enjoy her open-hearted and non-judgmental listening, well established questions and exquisitely designed techniques. Thank you for all your help Matty!”

– Ozgur A.

“We often want to fix, replace, and have new feelings and emoitions – but as I learned from Matty, we must first make peace with what is – in the current moment. And go step by step into the direction of what truly feels right for us. Wow, what a feeling! Calm, relaxed, and feeling secure for the first time in a long time. No pressure, no rush – in fact, going deeper to find the true root of the situation we find ourselves in. The answer will come, maybe not right now, but in time. All I can say for sure: The seed has been planted.”

 – Cheli M.

“If you are wise enough to choose Matty, then you are in for a wonderful experience. She creates such a safe place in which you can open up without fear or judgement.  The calm and sense of total support felt is very nurturing, whilst the self-help tools she shares are very empowering. I can honestly say that she has given me back my wings.”

– Vanessa S.


I saw Matty for a series of 10 sessions, every other week.

Starting these at a time in my life where particular personal issues were screaming out for attention,
I found Matty to be open and very supportive. I feel she prompted the allowing of fresh insights
which furthered me along the windy path of life!
I’m very grateful for the space she was able to create. And the haven of support that I needed at that time. Thank you.
– Jenny H.